Dolly The Sheep A One-Off Case? Further Study Indicates Greater Success

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Twenty years ago, Dolly the sheep was the first mammal clone ever created, attracting praise and criticism alike. It was hypothesized that one day we could even clone humans, a fascinating as well as a scary thought.

However, Dolly caught osteoarthritis at a very early age and that led to speculation that clones won’t be as similar to the original specimen as it was thought. A few scientists dismissed this as being a one-off case and that further study was needed.

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Source: Arstechnica

Well, according to a recent study published in in “Nature Communications”, a group of clones underwent a series of tests to determine whether the clones are inherently weak or if Dolly was just unlucky. Turns out, the clones passed all the tests and have recently turned 9, a human equivalent of 70, indicating a healthy life.

This might indicate that cloning was more succesful than we thought, and could prove instrumental in further studies, especially curing diseases.

Title image: Roslin

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