Do You Know India Has A Town Called “ Nagar”?

Snapdeal, Nagar, Kunal Bahl

Yes, there’s a town in Uttar Pradesh named “ nagar”! In June 2011, Shiv Nagar was a village located in Muzzarfarnagar district that was renamed “ nagar”. When Kunal Bahl, the founder of, decided he would use some of the profits from his burgeoning business to do something good.

Snapdeal, Nagar, Kunal BahlSnapdeal, Nagar, Kunal BahlSource: wikimedia

Then One of Bahl's colleagues told him that his family hailed from a cluster of villages about three hours southeast of the Indian capital, where the people had little amenities for water. Bahl met with villagers and saw the condition himself and decide to pay for 15 hand pumps.

Snapdeal, Nagar, Kunal BahlSnapdeal, Nagar, Kunal BahlSource: fireflydaily

Snapdeal has installed 15 hand pumps in the village so that the villagers no longer have to walk for miles to fetch water drinking water. "The intention was not for us to ask for money or anything. They just wanted to express their gratitude," he said when the name was changed.

Snapdeal, Nagar, Kunal BahlSnapdeal, Nagar, Kunal BahlSource: hungrystones

Since there was no source of potable water in the village before, the villagers voted to name their hamlet after snapdeal to express their gratitude. Snapdeal claims that this is not at all a marketing stunt and has instead solved many problems of the villagers for whom luxury never meant Reebok sunglasses or Puma shoes but only water! Check out the video below,

Title image: bhaskar

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