Do You Have Few Friends? It Can Be A Sign That You’re Intelligent!

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Human beings are social animals and so we all find a need to stay socially active to increase our level of happiness and sense of security. Researches have shown that people staying in densely populated areas seem to be happier than those who live in sparsely populated regions. The idea of happiness comes along with deep and quality relations formed by communications from one to different people. But an intelligent person is always an exception to such results.

If you have fewer friends, it is not that you are unhappy with your life, but the chances are that you are more intelligent than others. Curious? Read on to know why:

Intelligent people have little worlds of their own

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We have a tendency to befriend those with whom we can have the same intellectual conversations, share the same sense of humor and are compatible with their quirks. It is usually difficult for an intelligent person to be with a lot who isn’t as intelligent as him, so he prefers to live in a world of his own.

If you have a high IQ, then you are less likely to be indulged in social events

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Intelligent people, unlike others, get less pleased with their lives when they are highly socially active. They like to be around those people who make sense to them, just like others; and when they cannot find a lot where they feel comfortable with their intellectual level, then they sense that it is better to be alone.

Intelligent people are more enthusiastic about things that they like than interacting with people

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Intelligent people like doing activities which reap them good results and as it is, talking to other people, for them is like lowering their IQs (Sherlock reference here, people) which doesn’t help them in any way. So interacting with people hinders their progress in a negative way and in turn makes them less happy.

If you are intelligent, you would prefer staying alone than being a part of the social events and parties

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We tend to choose to be with those people who can hold a conversation with us and that’s why we usually eliminate those who do not fit us and be with those who do. Amusingly, intellectuals can’t find people like themselves everywhere and so they dislike being a social animal which others are well accustomed to being.

The higher your intelligence, the lesser people you’d want to deal with

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If you have a higher intellectual level, then you would be less likely to find a need to have constant communications. ‘Great minds think alike’ is something to ponder over because you do not get anyone with a similar mindset as yours. And so, most geniuses are loners.

So if you are that someone who gets sad after interacting with others and who has less friends, then voila! There is a chance that you’re more intelligent than the lot you’ve to deal with. *wink*

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