Did You Know? Right Now We Are Exactly In The Same Place In The Universe Where The Earth Was When Dinosaurs Existed

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Remember how our Geography teachers always told us about how Earth rotates around the axis and revolves around the Sun and how Sun, in turn, revolves around the milky way taking its whole solar system (and us) with it? And even though you don't feel nausea and whirling vertigo when all this rotating and revolving happens, let me tell you, your teacher wasn't telling you any lies.

We live on our planet Earth and Earth revolves around the Sun and when Sun revolves around the Milky Way, Earth revolves around the Milky Way too. It takes 225-250 million years for us to complete one circle around the Milky Way, a period called called ‘Cosmic year’ and doing all the math, we are exactly at the same spot in the universe where we were 250 million years back when dinosaurs existed.

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Source: Youtube

In History, 250 millions ago was the Permian-Triassic extinction, the most catastrophic of our planet's five mass extinction events, when 90% of marine species and 70% of land species died out.

250 million years later, we'll be at this very spot again.

Well you're one lucky human to experience this awesomeness!

Stay tuned for such interesting facts.

Source: Youtube

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