Desi EDM Fervour! Bass Rani Will Get Her Raja Baja: Nucleya And His 10 Best Songs!

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Move over David Guetta and Martin Garrix, India too has its own desi flavor of EDM and Nucleya is leaving no stone unturned to bring this music style to India. Whether be Sunburn, Youtube Fanfest or weekenders, this DJ has certainly touched many chords. Nucleya just released the first Raja Baja single and the entire album will be released on a real high at NSCI Mumbai, a first ever type of launch in India ever and the beats sound promising as hell.

You can stream it here if you want!

People are awaiting 2nd September.

He has released just one song now, so till then enjoy these 10 best works of the Bass Rani star!

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Source: facebook

1. Aaja

Did you know this plays in all of Kenny Sebastian’s videos? And Nucleya’s son has actually lent his voice in this song.

2. Akkad Bakkad

This Koocha Monster track is hilarious and has amazing beats!

3. Tamil Fever

It is music full Thalaivaa style along with Benny Dayal!

4. Mumbai Dance

This is what a beautiful baby of EDM and traditional dhol sounds like!

5. Heer

This picturesquely shot piece featuring Nucleya and Shruti Pathak is simply soulful!

6. Laung Gawaacha

This Avneet Khurmi Starrer remix is pretty cool!

7. Let’s Naacho

The foot-tapping number from Kapoor & Sons.

8. Street Boy

Tapori ishtyle rocks!

9. Fuck Nucleya

Let the beats drop and then rise!

10. Bass Rani

By far the best composition by the ace DJ!

Watch out for Raja Baja coming out this September!

Title image: facebook

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