From “Beta Padhai Karlo” To “Beta Shaadi Karlo!” Comedian Abhijit Ganguly Takes A Dig At Typical Indian Moms And Dads

Abhijit Ganguly, Typical Indian Moms And Dads, Indian Parents

Studies, Marriage and Future! Indian parents have always been an overbearing lot! Interfering into their every issue, coming up with not-so-palpable solutions, Indian parents take it upon themselves to take decisions for their kids and it’s a given that they have a million funny ways to do that!

Abhijit Ganguly is another guy on the stand-up comedy scene who has his own stories about Indian parents that will crack you up real hard!

Indian Mid Twenties Issue, Parents & Marriage

They are obsessed with marriage! Each mid-twenty something Indian will relate to this!

Typical Indian Fathers

Cost Cutting, quick snapping and Long term, Indian Dads are one of their kind and are hilarious AF.

Obsessive Indian Moms

Moms are typically known to have OCD around the world, but if yours is an Indian you’ll have a tougher time at it no doubt!

Well, Mr. Ganguly you seemed to have cracked the Indian Parents Code just right! Do you agree?

Title image: youthconnect

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