"City Of Stars" From "La La Land" Will Enchant You!

la la land, city of stars, ryan gosling, emma stone

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are not just two of the most beautiful people on this little planet earth, they also complement each other wonderfully. Anyone who has watched the pair in Crazy, Stupid, Love can vouch for their chemistry.

They are back in a new musical by Damien Chazelle, who made his feature film debut with Whiplash, one of the best movies of the last decade, and now the first full track from the movie has been released.

The track is titled "City of Stars" and both Stone and Gosling have rendered their voices to the same.

If you ever thought what kind of banter such beautiful people could possibly indulge in on a date, this is it, people!

It has the right amount of dreamy escapism and playfulness that could swoon someone off their feet. With the right visuals, which we're sure it'll be accompanied with, this one seems like a sure-shot winner!

Check out the track below:

Title Image Source: YouTube

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