Chamar Pop: A 17-Year Old's Musical Rebellion Against Caste Stereotypes

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Casteism in today's day and time is the most infuriating social evil that we as a society are dealing with. Lynching, rapes, stone-pelting, all in the name of caste are front and centre and more dangerously are becoming acceptable in certain strata of society.

Then there's Ginni Mahi, a 17-year-old girl from Punjab who is doing her bit to break caste stereotypes.

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Source: twitter

When she was asked her caste by a school-mate, she responded that she belonged to the "Chamar" community. When her classmate replied by saying that Chamars are dangerous, Ginni retorted in the only way she knew. Through music.

That was the genesis of "Danger Chamar" and "Danger 2".
Now, her initiative is being heralded as ‘Chamar pop’ and ‘Ambedkar folk'.
More power to her!

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