This Braveheart Immersed Himself Into A Tubful of Hot Chilli Sauce. Beat That!

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Don’t you sometimes feel such unadulterated love for chocolate ice-cream that you dream of immersing yourself in a tubful of it? Let’s replace the chocolate with hot chilli sauce. Does your love still pass the test?

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Source: youtube

Cemre Candar is a YouTuber who takes the wildest of challenges for his followers’ entertainment. The adventurous guy has immersed himself in a tub full of chocolate (yum!), Oreos (not bad!) and beer (who’s complaining?). His latest bid? Experiencing how a tub full of pungent pepper sauce benefits the skin.

So Cemre filled up a bathtub with gallons of this sauce (which was nearing expiry so you don’t have to worry about wastage), and added- wait for it- whole red chillies. Just for fun, we suppose!

And then came the Moment of Truth. Watch it and feel like an insignificant human for bragging about your spice-eating prowess!

Title image: youtube

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