Britney Baby One More Time! Pop Diva Floors Fans In Carpool Karaoke

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Britney Spears is synonymous with pop stardom, especially for post-Liberalisation kids. And in spite of all the shenanigans she pulled in the recent past, we do have a nostalgia-fuelled soft spot for her, her chirpy schoolgirl voice, her bubbly demeanour, and, ahem, everything else.

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Source: nytimes

Britney appeared on James Corden’s The Late Late Show on CBS, and joined him in his carpool. The singer-actress had a very chilled out time with the host, where they talked about their kids, the inspiration behind her songs, and of course, sang her wildly famous hits- Oops! I did it again, Toxic, and ...Baby One More Time. Complete with the iconic white button-down shirt, grey cardigan and blond braids, might we add.

Watch and sing along to the chartbusters that marked your transition to adolescence *wink*

Title image: thebertshow

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