Game Of Thrones In Peril...Still Unconcerned About Brexit?

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Brexit nowadays is one of those buzzwords doing the rounds without many of us truly understanding the event and its repercussions.

Brexit is simply Britain’s Exit from the European Union, which was passed by a slim margin yesterday (51.9% Brits voted for breaking away from the EU).

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What has this got to do with your favourite series anyway?

HBO series Game of Thrones is shot on location across Europe. One of the prime funding partners of GoT is the European Regional Development Fund. This group promotes economic development in Europe.

The scenes in the North are mainly shot in Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. With the divorce from the EU, the funding will be lost and the production would become expensive. HBO might need to consider relocation or  seeking alternative sponsors.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

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This is not only the case with Game of Thrones. Many British TV and film projects are offered significant funding by organisations affiliated with the EU, which may be jeopardised with this exit. Members of UK’s creative industry, including notable names like Sir Patrick Stewart and Benedict Cumberbatch anticipated this loss, along with an axe on the industry’s diverse talents. More than 250 professionals signed a letter published in The Telegraph, expressing support for staying within the Union.

The final two seasons of the popular show may face considerable hurdles and it remains to be seen how the production house finds a way around this problem.

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