Better Life Foundation: A Show Better Than Most!

Neil Menon, Naveen Richard, Sumukhi Chawla, Sumukhi Suresh, Jerry Pinto, Utsav Chakraborty), Aditi Goyal, Sindhu Sreenivasa, Armaan Garewal, Better Life Foundation, The Man From Dharavi

Tired of the same old nagin-featuring TV shows and the countless web-series on YouTube that are neither entertaining nor illuminating?

Check out Better Life Foundation, a mockumentary series focusing on the antics of the team of a fictional eponymous NGO. Neil Menon (Naveen Richard) plays a condescending philanthropist who thinks he is out to do good but does not know what damage he causes in the process. He is joined by Sumukhi Chawla (Sumukhi Suresh), the no-nonsense programme head, Jerry Pinto (Utsav Chakraborty), the Operations Head, Aditi Goyal (Sindhu Sreenivasa), the so-called intern and the fan favourite Kanan Gill as Armaan Garewal, a rich brat volunteering at the NGO as a part of his community service.

Better Life Foundation is in a brilliant way trying to channel the tone of shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation and how they find humour in the mundane of the everyday life. Even the camera-work is reminiscent of the same.

The brilliant work by the actors makes it a refreshing breath of fresh air.

Do check out the first episode here.

and check out the rest of the series here.

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