Behind The Jelly: The Making Of Jelly Candies In Reverse!

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Remember how you used to love little jelly treats? How you craved for that jelly bear despite many of your friends being strictly forbidden from having any of those because many of them contain gelatin?

Well, it was true for the most part. Many of those do contain gelatin which is extracted from animal fat. Although no matter what part of the truth you know or understand, nothing will prepare you for what’s to come next.

Film-maker Alina Kneepkens from Belgium has filmed the process of the making of these jelly candies but with a twist. She has presented it in a reverse format. So, you see the finished candy first and trace the whole manufacturing process backwards.

Trust me, it is not pretty.

Alina has been doing some spectacular work and you can check more of it here.

Check out the jelly video below:

Title image: HD

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