Batman Is Real: And He Has A Guinness World Record!

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Those of us mortals who have an inclination towards comic-books, the movies based on them and the characters therein, have all wondered at some point of time what it would be like getting in the shoes of our favourite characters.

For example, I have, for a better part of my life, sincerely believed that given the suit and the gazillion dollars, I can be Batman. But that’s not what we’re discussing here.

We’re discussing the awe-inducing achievement of Julian Checkley, a special creature effects expert who has nabbed a Guinness World Record for a fully functional Bat-Suit he created which has an astounding 23 functioning gadgets!

His suit is based on the video-game iteration of Batman from Batman: Arkham Origins.

For comparison, here’s the suit from the game:

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Source: Comicvine

One of his functional gadgets includes a “Bat-flask”, because Batman needs his refreshments too!

Check out the video which has Julian talking about his creation.

Title image: Twitter

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