Anusha Dandekar Replied To The Troll Who Commented That She Is A Prostitute

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Just a couple of days ago, as Anusha Dandekar was called a Prostitute on her boyfriend Karan Kundra’s instagram profile, Karan was upset and stood up to protect his partner.

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The story is still in a limelight and this time Anusha Dandekar has a classy reply for her hater. According to a report on Pinkvilla, here’s how she reacted on the controversy:

‘’People are simply hiding behind a laptop or phone while they comment. But you know, it’s fine to express yourself; it’s just that it should be expressed in a better way. There are many better ways to put your thoughts in front. If you don’t have nice things to say walk away, and if you still want to say, then express yourself in a better way.’’

Title Image: India Today