Anthony Erwin: The Phoenix Who Has Risen Again!

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Joseph Schooling, the fan boy who 'Schooled' the mighty Michael Phelps and won a Gold is a great story and deserves all the attention it’s getting, but we are missing another great story in Anthony Ervin winning a Gold in the 50m freestyle at the age of 35!

The oldest ever Olympic swimming champion. He won the same event 16 years back, then quit the sport at the age of 23, attempted suicide, worked in a tattoo parlour, played in a rock band, sold his gold medal for $17,000 to donate the money to Tsunami victims and then won his Gold back in Rio.

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Source: HalfStack

Few had expected that Ervin would be able to return triumphantly in the pool after his abrupt decision to quit the sport in 2003 - at the age of only 22. During his prolonged "swimmer's burnout" period he tried many things, from learning guitar to immersing himself in Buddhism. Drugs got hold of him for a long time from which he decided to come back and started training in 2011, finishing fifth at the 50m freestyle at the London Olympics.

And now he has won two gold medals at the Rio Olympics.

Kudos to this guy. More power to him!

Title image: Businessinsider

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