Andrew Jones: Bodybuilder With A Real Heart-In-A-Backpack!!

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In year 2012, Andrew Jones felt unwell and was unable to breathe. He started to cough up blood and had a high fever, when diagnosed it was cardiomyopathy. While in the hospital, he came to know that it was a hereditary disease of the heart muscles and he became so weak that he couldn’t even stand or walk!

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The only option left with this 26-year old from Connecticut was to go for transplantation. The doctors even said that he would die if he didn’t get the transplant. Back then, there were no organs available and so, he was fitted with a pacemaker- as well as an artificial heart which he carries around in a bag on his back like a backpack everywhere!

Andrew only dreamt of hitting the gym and when he was recovered he started to work out. He is in tears after his workout because he feels thankful to be alive.

Recalling about his heart failure, Andrew says that he would “never want to wish this thing even on his enemy, since you can’t think, you don’t eat and you don’t sleep...this puts you in depression and physical pain.”

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

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The artificial heart has two tubes in the body which are connected to a machine he carries. The machine sends compressed air into blood ventricles inside the body that allows blood to be pumped through the body.

Andrew Jones always has to wear his backpack and is used to weird questions being asked by people around him. He is grateful to be alive and has launched his own charity named Hearts at Large to raise awareness about organ donations. He also has a page on Instagram, @FitnessWithAJ that has more than 14,000 followers.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

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After Andrew survived such a crisis  he received comments like, “This man has the upper hand against all of us when it comes to the ladies. He’s the only one of us who can actually give you his heart lol”

Another wondered what it would be like if someone tries to steal his backpack not knowing his heart lies in and he chases them, yelling “Give my heart back!”

While some people really admired and made him his inspiration, others totally called him a fitness freak and suggested not to body-build in such a condition.

Whether or not you support his decision to beef up, the man surely is exemplary!

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