"And I Will Try..." To Bankrupt You: Twitterati Outrage Over Expensive Coldplay Concert Tickets, Ask Where Are Achchhe Din

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So a certain group of musical men who call themselves Coldplay decided to take an India trip, and we lost it. We were gripped by mass hysteria when their concert dates were confirmed, and now, as the price to see these people perform live has been revealed, we are reminded of our humble, provincial, hitherto “developing country” origins.

Rumour has it that the tickets for the Mumbai show, which will be available on BookMyShow from September 12, will be priced between Rupees 25,000 to 5,00,000! Oh yes, we got the zeroes right.

But it will be paisa vasool, we assure you! For this GDP of a small Caribbean nation that each person shells out, attendees will get to see not only Coldplay, but also A. R. Rahman, Deepika Padukone and Aamir Khan, among others. *inner Monisha Sarabhai rejoices*

Meanwhile, Indians have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts about these astronomical prices:

Such an elitist conspiracy, this! *goes back to Googling Coldplay lyrics to not look like a wannabe*

Title image: wsfl

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