"All I Knew This Entire Time Was That I'd Never Truly Stopped Loving Him"

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Love doesn’t start or stop. It stays. No matter where you go, who you meet or how much time has passed. In spite of everything, love stays forever.

This story from Humans of Bombay is testament to the power of love. One that never faded. One that overcame hurdles of religion and time. But most importantly, the tale of these two stands tall as proof of unrequited love.

“We met in 1975 on a modelling assignment and started seeing each other a few weeks later. The next few years were great but as life would have it, I’m Muslim, he’s Hindu and his parents weren’t okay with us getting married. In 1979, they started showing him girls for arranged marriage. One day, when we were supposed to meet, he didn’t turn up and it was only after I spoke to him on the phone the next day that I realised that it was because he had agreed to get engaged to someone else…..That was the year we both got married to different people…and I thought that was the last of it.”

“Years passed by. Of course we thought of each other, there are times when you can’t help but think because there was so much love at one point, but none of us ever did anything about it — all I knew this entire time was that I’d never truly stopped loving him."

“As fate would have it, both are marriages didn’t work out. We both bumped into each other at the family court and asked a very stupid question — ‘what are you doing here?’ but that’s how it all began again. We picked up exactly where we left off. So one day when we had gone out for a walk at Turf Club, at the age of 37 I asked her to marry me…and she said yes!”

“I guess our life together was written, and no amount of time or distance apart could have changed that.”

Title image: Humans of Bombay