Air India Captures Public Mood! A Clever Jab At Railways' Flexi Fare

Air India, Clever Jab At Railways, Flexi Fare, Udo Dil Khol Ke, Rajdhani Express, September 30

With it’s mascot maharaja, the Air India ad titled “India udo dil khol ke” goes on to state “Now Air India spot fares cheaper than Rajdhani flexi fares.” The company’s official website claimed customers can avail “spot fares” on all Rajdhani Express routes on price of the train’s first and second class AC ticket, between June 27 and September 30, 2016.

Air India put out advertisements in national dailies Saturday claiming its flights are now comparatively the cheaper means of transport.The ad comes days after Railways introduced a dynamic pricing model on its premium trains in a bid to shore up commercial ticket revenues.

Air India, the country’s flag carrier, is not doing well at all and is desperately trying to attract passengers especially on the domestic routes, where it has been easily outsmarted by private rivals like Indigo, Jet Airways and SpiceJet. The Air India ad in newspapers today could be seen as taking clever advantage of the situation when people, especially those who travel in the Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, are miffed with the Railways for announcing such steep hikes in fares, despite it being on an experimental basis.

Title image: Indianexpress
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