After CBFC Demands To Remove ‘Punjab’ From ‘Udta Punjab’, Anurag Kashyap Reacts On Twitter

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Controversies regarding Shahid-Alia-Kareena starrer ‘Udta Punjab’ just doesn’t seem to stop. A huge uproar has been created due to proposed 89 cuts to movie ‘Udta Punjab’ by Censor Board. The producers are already contemplating a move to Supreme Court regarding this matter.

As if that was not enough, the Censor Boards has now demanded that the word ‘Punjab’ be removed from the title of the film.

This has apparently irked Anurag Kashyap, producer of the film, who got on to twitter to vent his anger. He compared this authoritarian regime by censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani to living in North Korea.



He went on to tweet Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking to intervene -



Cognizant of the fact that many political parties are waiting to pounce on this issue for electoral gains, he requested them (AAP, Congress and others) to stay out of it -



Soon, support came pouring for him from Bollywood fraternity -





Whatever the case, we can only hope that the movie is worth controversy!