Like Father Like Son! Abu Azmi’s Son Farhan Azmi Makes A Sexist Rant On Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta, Abu Azmi, Farhan Azmi, actress, bollywood, bangalore, new year

Samajwadi party’s Abu Azmi was recently in news for his insane comment on the Bangalore mass molestation incident stating that molestation is unavoidable because women consider being nude as fashion.

Esha Gupta expressed her rage against his comment on her official twitter account, tweeting -

What followed was a misogynist and sexist rant targeting Esha by Abu’s son Farhan Azmi

Politician Amit Prakash Singh also came into the support of Farhan, tweeting -

After that what followed was a series of tweets rather rants by Farhan Azmi against Esha Gupta

Meanwhile, on a totally different issue actor Farhan Akhtar tweeted this-

We feel sorry that our country also harbours these kinds of morans! Shameful!

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