Abhinav Bindra Writes A Motivational Letter To India’s Olympians

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Sharp shooter and India’s pride Abhinav Singh Bindra became the first Indian to win gold medal at the Olympic games in 2008, in the 10m Air Rifle Event. He wrote a very inspiring letter to the sportspersons participating in the Rio Olympics in Brazil.

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He writes:

“In over a 100 years of India's Olympic participation, there are not too many men and women like you. I am sure you are excited, impatient and waiting to get stuck into your event and to see how good you are and to show the world just how good you can be.”

Speaking to ESPN about his letter he said,

"I thought, what can I possibly do as an active athlete? If I wasn't one, the possibilities were much more, I could have taken further initiative of going up to them, to different training camps, to meet them and speak to them, maybe go to Rio, be around the athletes. So I thought maybe this was the way to go."

His letter is very motivational and we’re positive the Indian contingent must have started on an upbeat note:

“A lifetime of training, desire and determination has brought us all here, heading towards the biggest stage in the world of sport. You are, each of you, champions in your own right. You have earned your place in a small, special fraternity as exceptional practitioners of your sport.”

Way to go, India!

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