Abandoned By Son, Hindu Man Cremated By Muslim Woman In Telangana

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In a show of unadulterated humanism while the rest of the world seethes with religious unrest, a Muslim woman carried out the last rites of a Hindu man in her care after his own son refused to participate in the cremation.

K Srinivas was a resident of Sahrudaya Old Age Home in Hanamkonda, district Warangal. The old age home which accommodates around 70 senior citizens is run by Yakub Bi and her husband.

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Yakub Bi’s husband Muhammad found Srinivas at a bus stop, partially paralysed, and brought him into their care two years ago. The septuagenarian worked as a tailor till the end of his days.

Upon his death on Tuesday evening, Yakub Bi tracked down Sharath, Srinivas’ son and asked him to carry out his father’s last rites. Sharath meanwhile had converted to Christianity, and replied that the conversion prohibited him from participating in any Hindu rituals.

City News,Local News,Events,local events,Discover,entertainment,fashion,movies

Thus perplexed, Yakub Bi took it upon herself to perform the ceremony, including lighting the funeral pyre, which is traditionally done by the eldest son in Hindu families.

“We have only one religion and that is serving people. We honour the sentiments of our inmates,” said Yakub Bi on performing this duty.

An example for everybody still fettered by narrow ideas of faith!

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