Aarifa - A Muslim Pole Dancer From Mumbai Breaking All Stereotypes

Aarifa, Indian Bohri Muslim, YouTube video by ‘Blush’, Pole dancing

Pole dancing is a beautiful way of self expression, but is hardly ever considered as a career option. Aarifa a 29-year-old Indian Bohri Muslim, shares how she took up pole dancing in a YouTube video by ‘Blush’. In a society with such prejudices about women, being a Muslim woman who wears skimpy clothing and performs as well as teaches pole dancing is no joke. Still Aarifa is breaking all stereotypes by associating with it.

Aarifa was first introduced to pole dancing when she went to Perth Australia to visit her sister. At that time Aarifa was going through premenstrual depression when she first started pole dancing. Initially she wasn’t serious about it, pole dancing made her connect with herself. She takes pole dancing classes in Mumbai and help others like her to revive themselves and feel confident about their body.

Watch her story as she seeks to inspire many women -

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