A Literal Walk In Her Shoes - 7 Men Attempt To Relive Draupadi’s Humiliation

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Everyone breathes in air, but it’s a wise person who knows when to use that air to speak and when to exhale in silence! For someone’s power might shackle the other’s respect but when was a thought ever controlled? We spoke to 7 men who step into Draupadi’s shoes- reliving the actions that led to the great war of Kurukshetra!

Shreyas Gaikwad

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"Life cannot be put at stake over a gamble as losing a game won’t matter much , but slightest hurt to self esteem would intensify the fire of justice. The first act, however, would be objecting to the dire necessity of marrying 5 men."

Shreyas Wadi

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"I wouldn’t have humiliated Duryodhan and would have left the Pandavas the day they disrespected me in the Mahasabha. I wouldn’t have refused to marry Karna just because of his caste, as he emerged a winner in the swayamwar."

Shrihari Indurkar

"No 5 husbands, no ‘juari’ hubby and I would have given Arjun some important advice about Dharma and Adharma!"

Vipul Gadekar

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"I wouldn’t have compromised myself for 5 men neither be compromised by one of the hundred Kauravas and I would rip the men apart if ever I was behaved with in that way."

Swapnil Bohate

"I wouldn’t have obeyed Kunti’s order and end up being shared, I would not have accepted Dharmaraj gambling my respect and I would not have begged Krishna to help me during the Cheerharan."

Sughosh Deshmukh

"Would it have been better had I married Karna? Bheem should have been born as the eldest son. Will the years after war really change the condition of women?"

Abhishek Kane

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"It would have always pricked me that my five strong husbands could not save me from humiliation, although their hurt egos made them realise their potential later. I had the fortune to be Almighty’s sister and was being helped by God Himself!"

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