A Dispute Over “Thank You”: A Bizarre Legal Battle Ends!

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One of the weirdest lawsuits ever to be filed has been withdrawn, putting a cap on what could have been a court-room drama worth a movie.

CitiGroup has announced that it is withdrawing all its litigation process against AT&T for the case it had registered in June. The case was filed because Citi felt that AT&T had violated its trademark “thanks” by using “AT&T Thanks” in customer correspondence. AT&T countered that Citigroup has no monopoly over the word “thanks” and sought a court order to that effect.

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The case was dropped 11 days after U.S. district Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan rejected Citigroup’s request for a preliminary injunction against “AT&T thanks.” She said Citigroup did not show that “AT&T thanks” would necessarily confuse customers or cause it irreparable harm, though “AT&T thanks” and “thank you” share some letters and pronunciation, and both “convey a message of gratitude.”

Thanks for that, folks!

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