5 Instances That Prove That Suniel Shetty Can Do Regular Things In The Most Legendary Ways!

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Suniel Shetty or Anna, as he’s fondly called, is one of the rare actors who never got his due from the industry. Year after year, he churned out masterpieces like Balwaan, Gopi Kishan, Ek Tha Raja, Sapoot, Rakshak, Bhai, Ehsaas: The Feeling, Bade Dilwala, among others, displaying one character shade after another. Alas! The industry would not pay heed. They typecast him in the mould of an actor with a hunky physique and chiseled (read wooden) expression that could not be changed, regardless of the sentiments to be displayed.

But Anna has persevered. He gave it back to the industry time and again with his consistency with regard to the expressions. Keeping in line with the expectations from him and even exceeding them at many junctures, he channelized his talent to emote exactly the same in each and every role. But he has a secret ability. Of being versatile in other stuff he does on a regular basis. Don’t believe us? Let us show you:

1. That time when Anna taught a car how to be part of stand-up comedy:

2. That time when Anna taught us that we can be anything. Even a tube-light!

3. That time when Anna was the inspiration for Baba Ramdev doing pelvic thrusts

4. That time when Anna taught us the fine art of marinating the food to enhance the flavour

5. That time when Anna taught Shilpa Shetty that “sharing is caring”

PS: We wish our beloved Anna a very happy birthday and hope to see him on screen soon!

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