13 Soul-Touching Terribly Tiny Talkies On Diverse And Thought-Provoking Plots!

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Terribly Tiny Tales started as a small endeavor by some boys-next-door, based on a simplistic concept of a few white words on a black block. Little did they know that simplicity hits hard and reaches straight to the heart. TTT is now bigger than ever and has now ventured into really SHORT films as well. And they are bang on with their hidden message and latent morals. Watch it for yourself!

1. One Faith Independence Day 2016

Their latest release on Freedom and Unity on 15th August was both intriguing with a heartwarming message.

2. One Day Mataram

Patriotism is a lost concept and how the sham is fuelled by social media is such an eye opener!

3. Bapu

After watching this you’ll start believing in the concept of GOOD SAMARITANS again!

4. Agli Baar

Now this is hard hitting and will give chills to your spine with its stark reality.

5. Cheers

Like Son, Like Mother? See for yourself!

PS: Ali Fazal wins at acting in this one!

6. L

Ace bong actress Tannistha Chaterjee nails her MOMMY NEXT DOOR act to the hilt!

7. Ela’yichi

Spookily hilarious this one! Nimrat Kaur and Divyendu Sharma are a treat to watch!

8. The Last Day

TTT is on a different level and this is by far the cutest talkies by them starring Namit Das and Tahir Raj Bhasin! *wink wink*

9. Mamta Tonic

Hehe! This one has a crazy catch! Watch out!

10. Deuce

Mandira Bedi has come a long way from her frizzy hair and SHANTI days, and here she masters the role of a forward mom like no one else!

11. Bunny

Fifty Shades of Weird! Yikesssss!

12. RIP

Watch this and your day will be made! Tom Alter after so many days!

13. Cuddly

This our favourite! This one personifies the fact that simplicity beholds beauty! *so much love*

Did you like our compilation? Let us know which one is your favourite!

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